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The Privileged

High Park Entertainment


Richard Hunter, a promising young lawyer at a prestigious firm, has the perfect future mapped out. However, a costly mistake with a powerful client has put it all at risk. In a desperate attempt to save his job, Richard and his wife Tara spend the weekend at the cottage of senior partner Preston Westwood. The young couple is quickly seduced by their charismatic hosts' lavish lifestyle but it is clear that something ominous lies just below the surface. After a devastating act of violence reveals that they have become pawns in a blood feud between the Westwoods and a local family, Richard and Tara must decide what they are willing to sacrifice for success...their morals, their marriage, or their lives.

Cast and Crew

Directed by: Leah Walker
Written by: MacGregor Austin-Olsen, Jordan Walker, Leah Walker
Produced By: David Anselmo, MacGregor Austin-Olsen, Eric Birnberg, Sean Buckley, Gerhard Gouws, Justin Kelly, John N. Kozman, Michael Levine, Thomas Walden, Jordan Walker
Cast: Sam Trammell, Josh Close, Laura Harris, Lina Roessler

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