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​​For almost 20 years, High Park Entertainment 20/20 Inc. and its predecessors have been developing and producing commercial film and television content with worldwide appeal, while providing other film and television production companies and studios with highly effective and efficient production services.  The companies’ productions, all scripted, have ranged from lower budget feature films to network MOW’s and high budget worldwide streamer series.


In 2021, High Park Entertainment spun off a subsidiary, Parkside Entertainment Inc., for purposes of developing, producing and distributing non-scripted content as well.


High Park Entertainment also serves as a Canadian distributor of content, large and small, whether Canadian or international licensees with whom it has built deep relationships.


Founded by Eric Birnberg and Thomas Walden and named after the park that provides an oasis of calm in the west end of Toronto, High Park Entertainment has earned a reputation of offering a dependable and stress-reduced environment for productions, using the resources of complementary businesses owned and operated by the principals, including:


Behind the Scenes Services Inc. (BTS) - a one-stop shop for film and television production finance and accounting needs, offering a variety of conventional services including bookkeeping, HST filings, and the preparation and oversight of tax credit and other applications and certifications, as well all those for other film and television funding sources through agencies such as the CMF, Telefilm, the NOHFC and more.

BTS LLP -  a CPA firm to handle the financial statement preparation and corporate tax return filings for BTS’ clients.


Lewis Birnberg Hanet, LLP (LBH) - a media, entertainment, telecommunications and technology law firm co-founded by Eric Birnberg, that is capable of handling the full range of development, production and distribution-related matters on productions, in addition to corporate transactions.


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