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High Park Entertainment


Nightrunners is a thriller set on a remote Kenyan island and based on the true legend of the area. Isobel travels with her best friend, Jessica, to the malaria plagued island to help out at the local orphanage. She never imagines that she'll end up fearing for her life. After a few sleepless nights, Isobel questions the locals on the cause of the terrifying nocturnal noises. It is the Nightrunners who prowl the village and the reason that the villagers don't go out in the darkness. Immersed in a sea of anxiety, Isobel's carefully controlled world slowly unravels. When the fever of her fears takes over, we are left to wonder, is it the Nightrunners or her own demons that haunt her?

Cast and Crew

Written & Directed by: Rowan Nielsen
Produced By: Carole Aeschelmann, Samwel Asingo, Roberto Biagi, Eric Birnberg, Benta Odhiambo, Thomas Walden
Cast: Mandi Nicholson, Grace Glowicki, Neville Misati

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