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Parkside Entertainment (formerly Sonar Canada)


Kickasso is a modern-day Picasso who transforms popular apparel —predominantly shoes — into priceless works of wearable art for today’s top performers and sports stars. Shot at his colorful graffiti-laced shop in Downtown Los Angeles, each segment focuses on a specific celebrity or athlete who’s commissioned Kickasso to make them something memorable. Viewers will get an intimate look at these stars as they talk fashion, art and life with Kickasso and provide the inspiration necessary to create something personal and meaningful. We then follow Kickasso through the ups and downs of painstakingly executing his design, all building to the reveal….will he be able to wow his high-paying clients and make it on the ‘gram?

Cast and Crew

Cast: Troy "Kickasso" Cole, Chris Bosh, Candace Parker, Gabby Douglas, Braxton Miller, Young M.A, Julius Randle

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