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Eric Birnberg

Eric Birnberg


Eric Birnberg, LL.B has produced and executive produced a variety of film and television projects, both independently and through High Park Entertainment., for many years. Recent projects include the the series “October Faction” (a Netflix Original starring Tamara Taylor), and also including the primetime animated family movie “Pirate’s Passage” (written and produced by Donald Sutherland and Brad Peyton) and the primetime animated series “The Animated Adventures of Bob & Doug” (produced by Dave Thomas).

Complementing his producing activities, Eric provides legal services an array of clients from Canadian television hosts to Canadian and international production and distribution companies, and broadcasters through LBH, having performed a variety of business and legal roles on many other films, television and digital media projects for more than 25 years. A corporate lawyer by trade, Eric spent eight years in-house with Alliance Atlantis, Canada’s then-largest integrated filmed entertainment company, in senior management positions including Sr. VP, Business & Legal Affairs for the Television Group, and General Counsel to the entire Alliance Atlantis organization. Earlier in his career, Eric was Legal Counsel at Canada’s preeminent pay television channel, The Movie Network.

Eric is a founding partner in Fuzerly, a web-based (and soon mobile) app that enables fans to make authorized memes, GIF’s and fan art of their favourite celebrities for online uses and on custom merch, and he was a founding partner in BITE-TV, a Canadian digital broadcaster than won an International Emmy for Best Interactive Channel, and Digital Howard, an award-winning 360 digital content producer.

Eric is an active member on several committees of the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA), and as a CMPA representative, he sits on the boards of the Canadian Retransmission Collective (CRC), and the Producers Audio-Visual Collective of Canada (PACC), as Vice-Chair and Chair, respectively.

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