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People Are Binge-Watching New Netflix Supernatural Horror 'October Faction' In A Day

It's been a whole two days since we last binge-watched something on Netflix - which means we are basically crying out for a new series to get stuck into.

Well, say hello to October Faction - otherwise known as the supernatural horror that everyone's talking about online.

The new Netfix Original is based on the comic by Steve Niles and Damien Worm and stars J.C. Mackenzie (The Wolf of Wall Street) and Tamara Taylor (Bones) as married monster hunters, Fred and Deloris Allen.

Alongside fighting evil, the duo are trying to keep their identities secret from their teenage twins, Viv (Sex Education's Aurora Burghart) and Geoff (Gabriel Darku) - who think they are 'normal' insurance broker parents.

But, following the death of Fred's dad, the couple move home to New York (following a monster-hunting round-the-world trip) where they move in with Viv and Geoff.

A series of events leads to the kids uncovering details about their parents true profession and they soon find out Fred and Deloris are hiding some very dark and disturbing secrets.

As Viv and Geoff come to terms with the truth, viewers can expect plenty of twists and turns as well as vampires, warlocks, werewolves, and ghosts - so expect some watching-through-your-hands moments.

Wendy Crewson (Room), Megan Follows and Stephen McHattie also star in the 10-part series.

And fans on Twitter have already been going wild for the new horror, with several explaining they'd binge-watched the lot in one sitting.

One viewer said: "There's this new show called October Faction on Netflix and it's so good I binged watched the show in bed all day."

Another compared it to Sabrina explaining: "You might like October Faction if you like Sabrina. i just binge watched the first season."

Another wrote: "October Faction... I'm on episode 2 and all I can say is wow... anyone watch this Netflix show yet?"

Others agreed they couldn't wait to see what would happen in Season 2 - and while a second series hasn't been confirmed by Netlifx, many think it will be inevitable following its success.

Now, who's ready to spend 10 hours in front of the TV?

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