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Netflix's October Faction: Cast and Character Guide

Netflix series October Faction stars J.C. Mackenzie and Tamara Taylor as married monster-hunters. Here's our guide to the show's cast and characters.

Netflix's new supernatural drama October Faction stars J.C. Mackenzie and Tamara Taylor as Fred and Deloris Allen, two monster-hunters who move back to their home town with their teenage twins, Geoff (Gabriel Darku) and Viv (Aurora Burghart). Based on the comics by Steve Niles and Damien Worm, October Faction features a rich cast of characters - some human, some not-so-human.

When the series begins, Geoff and Viv believe that their parents are boring insurance sales reps. However, Fred and Deloris are actually members of the Presidio Foundation, a covert syndicate dedicated to studying and hunting supernatural creatures that prey on humans. After moving back to the upstate New York town of Barington-on-Hudson, where Fred and Deloris grew up, buried family secrets resurface and the twins find themselves embroiled in their parents' world of magic and monsters.

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