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All the Questions We Need Answered in "V Wars" Season 2

The first season finale V Wars has left more questions than answers as Blood Nation and the remaining humans faced off in the ultimate battle. After the blood substitute, BludSub, was revealed to be tampered with and killed multiple Bloodsas they tried to peacefully find an alternative way to stay alive without killing innocent humans, the Bloods felt like they had to retaliate back in order to survive. Unfortunately, this also meant that the big truce that Luther and Michael created is no more.

That's not even the biggest plot twist though. Calix, seeing that Blood Nation has become stronger than he expected, has infected himself with the pathogen and made himself into a Blood. He also worked with Ava to poison Michael and seemingly kill him so he can become Blood Nation's new leader. He's also kidnapped Dez in order to keep Luther from coming up with a cure using Dez's immunity. With all these cliffhangers and possible directions that the show can go in season 2, there's so many questions that we're hoping get answered if V Wars does come back.

Here's all the questions we have for V Wars season 2...

Will Luther find Dez and then find a cure?

The season ends with a four month time jump and Luther getting ready to find his sun at any moment. Luckily for him, Mila comes with some info about where Dez is. Will Luther trust her or will he try to find Dez on his own? Also, if he possibly gets Dez back, there's a good chance that he will try to work on a cure for virus that is now affecting more people than ever. Will he be able to come with one? Or will it be too late to change anyone back?

How will the government respond?

Based on the government's response in season one, it's clear that they won't be going down without a fight. However, it's also pretty clear to say that their original plan on internment camps for those with Blood gene was also not a good idea either. So what do they have planned? And is it much worse than what they did originally?

Is Michael actually dead?

Patient Zero is gone...or is he? Michael's death is never shown, although, Calix does mention that he is dead. So is he really dead or did he miraculously survive? Did Ava have anything to do with his survival? There's a good possibility that he would work with Luther again to try to bring things back to how they originally planned it to be.

What happened between Mila and Danika in the woods?

Before the time jump, the two sisters seemed to really go at it with each other as Mila tried to get revenge on her sister for turning her into a Vourdalak. So what really went down during that fight? Is Danika even still alive?

Where did Kaylee go?

With the time jump, we didn't get to see where Kaylee ended up after the big uproar. Since she was allied with the Bloods, particularly Michael, it would be interesting where she lands now that he's no longer the leader.

Where is Jimmy and Sasha?

As we saw, Sasha is no longer safe and Jimmy took her daughter with him to protect her from anyone who would go after her. So where are they? Are they safe? And will Sasha be the one to fall for what happened despite having nothing to do with the poisoned BludSub?

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