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10 Best Sci-Fi TV Shows of the Decade (According to IMDb)

Some say television is on its way out, but these 10 sci-fi series prove that, at least over the last decade, they've remained pretty strong.

If this second decade of the 2000s will be remembered for anything in the entertainment industry, it will be for the epic explosion of quality television content. This past month we watched the great streaming wars begin, but that's only because almost enough quality content exists to support separate, as well as existing, channels.

This isn't the era of the sitcom, it was the decade of the serial television, and the theories, websites, guide books, and fandoms that come with that. Let us remember what got us here and smile at where we are headed. Sci-Fi television is one thing we can all look forward to in the new year.

10. Arrow (2012 - )

Arrow is sort of the Iron Man of the DC television universe (lovingly known as the Arrowversein his honor). His incredible success paved the way for everyone from The Flash to Batwoman.

His success is the reason this month has seen the incredible cross over event, Crisis on Infinite Earths, comes to television. But it all started back in 2012, when Green Arrow, or billionaire Oliver Queen, was the only hero gracing the CW. That is no longer the case. Oh, the difference a few years can make.

9. Rick and Morty (2013 - )

The one cartoon to make the list, Adult Swim's, Rick and Morty certainly deserves its spot. The episodic show follows Rick Sanchez, a long lost sociopathic scientist, and the gadgets he creates in his daughter's garage, as well as the universe crossing trips he takes with his grandson, Morty.

A flying car? An infinite number of realities? A multiverse? Different versions of characters? Sci-Fi for sure.

8. The Flash (2014)

Fast on the heels of big brother show, ArrowThe Flashpremiered on the CW in 2014. It caught a bit more attention, and a bit more publicity, due to its more recognizable character, in Barry Alan (or The Flash).

As Marvel Studios did when they started with lesser known Iron ManArrow made the television universe safe for more well known DC characters. Detective work may be his calling by day, but superhero-dom (after being struck by lightning) is where Barry's true calling is.

7. The Man In The High Castle (2015-2019)

If you are looking for a show to binge Amazon's, The Man in the High Castle, may be your best bet at present. The only show on our list that has completed its run, The Man in the High Castle was based on the novel by celebrated sci-fi writer, Philip K. Dick (of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep/Bladerunner fame) of the same name.

The story explores an alternate history timeline where the Axis won World War II, and What happened to the United States, in particular.

6. Titans (2018 - )

DC Entertainment sought to prove it wasn't all candy-colored CW television fair and thus launched it's dark take on Titans on their own streaming service, DC Universe. Following some former sidekicks (like Robin, and Wonder Girl) the show focuses on Robin/Dick Grayson's strained relationship with his guardian, Bruce Wayne, and his struggle to build a new superhero team, and a new family. The show earned special geek cred in its second season by casting Game of Thrones star, Iain Glento play a finally seen on camera, Bruce.

5. The Boys (2019 - )

It seems 2019 was quite the year for sci-fi television (and it's not even over yet). The bottom half of our list is a complete 2019 take over. We start with Amazon's, The Boys. Based on a comic book of the same name, the series focuses on vigilantes who actually fight against superpowered individuals.

Just because you have superpowers doesn't mean you're allowed to do whatever you want. You really can't just do whatever you want when you're monetized and sponsored by a shadowy international corporation.

4. V Wars (2019 - )

Netflix lands on the list with its new take on Vampires in V Wars. Ian Somerhalder, who was part of the serial television renaissance that was LOST, stars as Dr. Luther Swann, as he fights a deadly outbreak of disease and fractures all of known society. Based on a graphic novel, V Wars only premiered earlier this month, so it is certainly not too late to jump on board.

3. See (2019 - )

Apple TV + also lands on the list with the debut of its Jason Momoa dystopian series, See. In the not too distant future humanity has completely lost the ability to see, that is until the series begins and two babies are born to the wife of Momoa's, Baba Voss. For the first time in generations, they possess vision. They can read, watch, and see that they are not the only ones who possess this once lost gift. Already renewed for a second season, all eight episodes of season one are now available on Apple TV +.

2. Watchmen (2019 - )

Damon Lindelof started this millennium working on groundbreaking serial series, LOST. He ends it by creating Watchmen for HBO. Loosely based on the events of the beloved comic series by Alan Moore and David Gibbons, the series works as a sequel to the story found in the original. Familiar characters like Dr. Manhattan and Adrian Veidt appear, along with new stars, like Sister Knight (also known as Angel Abar). With fan shout outs to the comic and expanded backstories for readers and viewers alike, the season finale is this Sunday, December 15.

1. The Mandalorian (2019 - )

And last, but certainly not least, Disney + enters the ring with internet sensation, Baby Yoda. The show is officially known as The Mandalorian, despite the epic star turn of the bounty hunters pint-sized sidekick. If you haven't heard of the show, you have definitely seen the memes. Set between the end of the original Star Wars trilogy (looking at you Return of the Jedi) and the beginning of the new trilogy (see The Force Awakens) the story follows Mandalorian bounty hunter, Mando (though that may not be his real name).

But even that premise is thrown into chaos with the appearance of Baby Yoda at the end of the first episode. What is a bounty hunter to do if he doesn't want to turn in the subject to his client? We are still waiting to find out exactly that.

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